Pure Afghani

EE-PureAfghaniPure Afghani is a powerful Indica landrace strain that originated in the Mazar-I-Sharif region of Afghanistan. DNA Genetics isolated this strain and spread it across the globe by breeding it from fresh seed stock. Now, we have made it ethereal with this glistening amber shatter. This med has a strong body high that melts your body pains away and is especially good for rest, relief, and relaxation. This strain is about 100% natural medicinal relief for a wide variety of ailments.

The terpene retention of this med is extreme with a sweetness that lies behind the usual dank of a heavy Indica. It is our high terpene retention mixed with our high amount of cannabinoids that make our extracts sought out by medical cannabis patients. Find yours today, and relax with some Ethereal Pure Afghani.

Author: etherealextracts

Ethereal Extracts is dedicated to capturing the ephemeral personality of each cannabis variety it concentrates, conjuring from raw cannabis the most essential product possible—one that is incredibly flavorful, potent and pure. Begun in the California Bay Area in 2014 by a collective of connoisseurs searching for an alternative to butane derived products, Ethereal Extracts was started to represent the next level of purity above conventional BHO shatter. With no chemical residuals (consistently testing at zero parts per million) and very high levels of cannabinoids (up to nearly 80%) and terpenes (up to 5%), Ethereal Extracts satisfies the senses as well as soothes and/or stimulates the body. The product itself is impressively consistent and unfailingly stable—sliver-thin sheets of shatter that range in coloration from light gold to warm amber. Ethereal is best consumed at a slightly lower temperature than most shatter products to achieve its full potential and fully activate the terpene profile encased in the shatter to best enhance the consumer’s palate.

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