Chem Dawg ’91


The Chem Dawg strain has been shrouded in mystery ever since its introduction into the cannabis world in the early 1990’s. Legend has it that this strain was named after the grower, Chem Dawg, who found a seed in a bag of cannabis he bought at a Grateful Dead concert. He liked the strain so much that he bred the seed he found and isolated a few different phenotypes over the years, including the legendary Chem Dawg ’91, which was named after the year it was isolated.

The Chem Dawg strains tend to have more Sativa-like characteristics in general and have a complex, pungent bouquet that starts with heavy diesel that is quickly followed by delicious pine and lemon. What sets the Chem Dawg ’91 apart from the other Chem Dawgs is the addition of a skunky aroma. This more diverse terpene profile of Chem Dawg ’91 adds to the delivery of the cannabinoids in the strain, making its effect strong. It is usually very potent and packs an extreme cerebral punch. Many patients use this med to stay active and get off the couch while still staying heavily medicated. A good med for running around and getting chores done.

Find out more about the origins of Chem Dawg with an interview from the breeder himself, here:

Author: etherealextracts

Ethereal Extracts is dedicated to capturing the ephemeral personality of each cannabis variety it concentrates, conjuring from raw cannabis the most essential product possible—one that is incredibly flavorful, potent and pure. Begun in the California Bay Area in 2014 by a collective of connoisseurs searching for an alternative to butane derived products, Ethereal Extracts was started to represent the next level of purity above conventional BHO shatter. With no chemical residuals (consistently testing at zero parts per million) and very high levels of cannabinoids (up to nearly 80%) and terpenes (up to 5%), Ethereal Extracts satisfies the senses as well as soothes and/or stimulates the body. The product itself is impressively consistent and unfailingly stable—sliver-thin sheets of shatter that range in coloration from light gold to warm amber. Ethereal is best consumed at a slightly lower temperature than most shatter products to achieve its full potential and fully activate the terpene profile encased in the shatter to best enhance the consumer’s palate.

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